The time
is now!

For renewable packaging without plastics!

Our vision

De time is right for renewable natural packaging. The 100% renewable Johannes packaging are consumer-friendly products that make you and Mother Nature happy!

The time
is now

For renewable packaging!

Durable band

Sustainable basket 1.5kg

Sustainable basket 1kg


Sustainable basket

Sustainable basket 500 grams

Durable band

Sustainable tray 500 gram

Sustainable tray 6 pcs

Sustainable tray 4 pcs

Sustainable packaging 8 pcs

Sustainable tray 8 pcs

Sustainable tray 6 pcs


Durable band

Our story

In 1928 great-grandfather
Derk Johannes started
selling fruit on a market and...

Winnaar van een 2020 Penta Packaging award!

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