• Johannes natural cardboard

    Nature provides us with all we need, with our new renewable packaging we would like to give something in return.

    Together with retailers who are increasingly buying greener products, Johannes is the first in the Netherlands who wraps products in a natural renewable package.

    The Johannes trays and baskets are made out of specifically developed natural renewable cardboard. The look and feel is refreshing and sure to stand out in a retail environment.

    By standing out, consumers will have an easy time making the environmentally conscious choice.

  • Sustainable packaging

    The time is now for 100% natural sustainable packaging.

    The completely renewable Johannes packaging is friendly to both the environment and the consumer, our way of giving back to nature.

  • Thinking green, doing green.

    Our deeply rooted passion for improving the environment leads to powerful innovations.

    Both Johannes and his father before him dream of operating a sustainable business.

    A quest to find practical and realistic solutions lead to the development of a “cradle-to-cradle” packaging product, called “Johannes”. An environmentally-friendly innovation that originated from the shared belief that packaging can meet todays demand for renewable products.

    Johannes’s mission?

    To work towards a future without plastics, so new generations are able to enjoy natural produce like we do.

  • Family roots

    Travel back in time with Johannes:

    It is the year 1928 and great-grandfather Derk Johannes has loaded his cart. The fruit from the Betuwe region en the vegetables from the “Koekoekspolder” are on their way to the auction in IJsselmuiden. Plastic packaging did not exist and all products were transported in wooden crates. While Derk was leading his horse through the streets, his son Johannes (Sr) helps with the sale of seasonal products.

    From a horse and cart, the business develops to shops in the towns of Genemuiden en Vollenhove. The family decide to try their luck in the newly opened market in Almere-Haven.

    Throughout the years the focus shifted towards selling on markets and over time the business developed into a full-scale wholesaler.

  • Quirky and innovative

    Johannes senior took over when his father retired but was soon met with scepsis.

    He was deemed lazy when he traded his horse and cart for a lorry. His goal was to increase product life and quality by getting them to the consumer in less time.

    During these troubling times, Johannes never stopped searching for new innovative means to improve his business.

    By keeping a fresh perspective and staying in touch with clients he was able to develop the company further, ready for the new generation.

  • Thinking green

    Grandfather Johannes passed the baton to his son Johan who continued the family tradition of innovation. Under Johan’s leadership, the company has grown to be one of the largest market-traders in the Netherlands.

    His son Johannes was taught to seek innovation from birth, aiming to improve products and processes and their relationship to the environment.

    Together with his father Johan, they are the intellectual and creative minds behind the packing products “Johannes” and the AGF-HOLLAND produce wholesale company.

All natural

De environmentally conscious Johannes packaging products are made of natural cardboard from sustainable timber that does not affect the quality of its contents.

The materials used are 100% bio-degradable.